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Assembly Test
Foremost documents the test results on each step of the repair to provide superior quality control and tracking.

Our test panel can run motors with voltage ratings through 6,900 volts.

We also have the ability to fully dynamometer test motors from 100 HP to 600 HP and record results at 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, and 125% of full load.

Foremost provides full service Babbitt bearing repair as well as precision grinding of the shaft journals.

Foremost provides customers with a repair, which looks like new on the outside. However on inside they are a step above the original product due to the upgrades we perform on each and every unit. Our repairs run smother and last longer between failures than the originals.

Foremost has several sizes of lathes equipped to machine US or Metric threading as well as tapers.

Medium Voltage
Foremost can handle rewinds and repairs on all your medium voltage motors through 6,900 volts.

Foremost is equipped with precision milling machinery to machine keyways, bearing housings, bolt hole repair or relocation, and resurfacing.

Panel Building
Foremost repairs and services variable frequency drives. We also manufacture custom control panels for many of our customers.

Press Work
Foremost has the ability to remove and replace shafts or coils from rotors/armatures using our 150 Ton press. We can press shafts up to 10 feet in length.

Pump Repairs
Foremost repairs a variety of centrifugal, turbine, and submersible pumps for industry as well as municipal operation.

Foremost uses only the finest materials designed to give our customers superior performance.

Inverter Duty Class H Magnet Wire.

Slot Liners Are Upgraded To 24,000 Volts With A Class H, 200°C Thermal Rating.

All New Windings Must Pass Surge And Ground Testing At 25% Above Industry Standards Before Proceeding To Resin Processing.

Foremost provides on site service for motors, drives, thermal scanning/imaging, vibration analysis/data collection, and laser alignment.

Shop Repair
Foremost has an up to date service facility. We perform service on a wide variety of equipment such as:

AC/DC Motors
AC/DC Dynamometers
Eddy Current Clutches and Brakes
Magnet Tables and Chucks

Foremost can rebuild, weld, and repair a wide variety of metals.